Are You Gardening Without a Plan

Not exactly sure if you recognize it but even “gardening without a plan” requires a plan. Ooops, wow! This kind of gardening doesn’t take a ship-size strategy but requires just a little pre-thinking or pre-planning.

What are the most important things to consider?

Where you live
What your community declaration is (apartment -living?).
What is your spending plan?
What are your goals?
Now, what’s your strategy?
Condo Gardening.

If you live in a condo or in a house, then your gardening might be restricted to flowerpot gardening, or windowsill gardening or patio gardening. Whatever the case, you can still garden! There are ways to do this– even in houses and even in the strictest condos. Ears open now?

Private Home Gardening.

If you reside in a home, your own home, you may have less rules than a condo has, yet, even in most communities, you have that “unspoken” guideline, “green lawn rules”! Not to worry, you, too, can garden. You can still have your own personal area, your own design and remain right where you are.

Estate Gardening.

If you reside in an estate, yes, an estate, you can still be an individual gardener for your own space. The key to joy is all in knowing or recognizing that, yes, “YOU Can Possibly Do IT”!

What’s your message?

So, what is your area “statement” or custom? Take a look around you to learn what that is.

Are all the backyards bright green, no wholes in the yard, simply best, rectangular pieces of genuine or fake yard?

Are all your homes, trim, slim, unencumbered, and just plain the same?

As you look down the block, is it hard to inform one house from another?

Does it look like the Stepford Better halves ?

Really? What is the unwritten, unmentioned guideline of your block, of your community?

Exists hope for your creative or different mind, right where you are?

Yes, indeed! There’s constantly hope. If you keep an open mind, and are willing to really hear me, I’ll share my concepts about individual gardening or “gardening without a plan”.

What is your strategy?

Do you want your garden to appear like an expert?

Do you want your area to say, “Hey, landscaper here”!

Or do you want your green space to say, “Wow, that’s a great deal of work”!

Or do you want your gardening space to state, “Welcome to my fantastic, natural garden”!

Or is your message, “No pet dog poop allowed”!

Would Bonsai fit the plan? Is your strategy to have people stop briefly and enjoy your hard work?

Do you garden to promote peace? Or is your garden stating, “I believe in God”!

Do you want the neighbors or people going by to keep on strolling or to stop and stop briefly and to enjoy the green area? Ask yourself these concerns and a couple of others and you just may have a plan for your unexpected garden.

Budget plan?

Can you pay for the very best for your garden?

Or are you on an extremely limited spending plan?

Is gardening part of your spending plan in a different way?

Are you going to grow specific plants just to avoid buying things in a supermarket?

Are you ready to plant Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, and other herbs since you want to have the ability to select your cooking ingredients every day.

Budget plan or No Budget plan?

Or is your budget plan unrestricted?

Can you pay for the top of the line in gardening get ups and accessories?

Are you happy to put your money where your mouth is and start producing a most splendid garden, possibly the most splendid garden in your whole location? All set for that?

Gardening Goals.

Now, what is your real objective? What’s your genuine message? What is the “why” of your gardening?

Does your garden say, “Freedom”? Or does your garden state, “Hey, I’m fitting right in here”!

Does your garden remain quiet, serene, unencumbered by whatever anybody else has to say or do– about your gardening?

Are you aiming to create and arrange a mini-farm?

Do you want a country environment, a natural environment or are you going to ditch all that grass and trade it in for common sense groundcover?

Do you wish to cut turf? Or do you want to have a goat consume all the turf? The options are all yours!

Or do you want your garden to stay “no work; no tension”?

Whichever is your objective or your declaration, this is the place for you due to the fact that all garden topics will be covered and after that a few more. Over the next few weeks or months, I’ll cover virtually every sort of gardening that there is. Hope you enjoy the ride!

Gradually, we will go over almost all the elements of gardening and of other hobbies and of other nature subjects.

What are your objectives?

You will need to consider your gardening goals, financial goals, ecological goals and your spiritual goals.

Have other ideas? Are there objectives that I have not discussed? Feel free to send a remark. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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