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Desktop Zen Garden Kit


Desktop Zen Garden Kit

Desktop Zen garden kits are designed to recreate the dry landscape gardens of Japanese Zen Buddhism on a small scale for enjoyment at your home or office.
Zen gardens use rocks and gravel or sand to recreate the essence of nature. Swirling patterns in the sand represent water, while rock formations become mountains or islands.
Sometimes the gardens simply encourage meditation on the meaning of life.


The Zen garden, also known as a Japanese rock garden, is an ancient outdoor ritual that usually as well as a few other natural plants or natural elements.

The “garden” is designed to represent the different soothing elements in our environment, with water represented as sand patterns raked into a design resembling rippling water.
The Benefits of Having A Zen Garden Includes:
 Quiets your mind and enables a true experience the present moment to relieve any stress.
Improve focus and patience to significantly improve performance at work or home.
Stimulate your creative flow so you can start solving problems from another point of view
Gain a wider perspective and develop a sense of balance for things around you.

Zen Healing Therapy Garden|Desktop Zen Garden Kit


Which will allow you to develop stunning streaming styles of water within the sand?

The addition of stones can be that of sculptural weathered rocks, or other properly designed dry landscape rocks. Keep in mind to pick the best areas for these stunning stones within the sand. As these rocks help to represent the earth, as such they are thought about to be a sign of health and durability. It prevails to both have a couple of or abundant rocks put within your zen garden. Some might select to have a single rock island, or built-up islands within a zen garden by stacking your stones.

Before you start to consider producing your best zen garden, it is time to think about the best area for your garden. Identifying the area that is offered, and the number of dry landscaping items that you will need. Whether it be a little one pound bag of granite sand and a couple of little stones for an office-sized zen garden; or a couple of 10 pound bags of sand and boulder-like stones for your out-door garden outside the office or home. All of these different aspects will depend upon the size of your lawn, and just how much you want to dry-landscape. Not to mention the time that it will require to keep your zen garden. While you aren’t looking after many plants in a zen-garden, you need to still make sure in smoothing the sand and keeping the location devoid of particles from near-by trees.

Now that you understand about the history of Zen gardening, you are now all set to find out how to produce that ideal garden of your own. You ought to have selected the ideal area within your backyard or home for your zen garden, and acquired the proper quantity of materials that you will need to be imaginative. Below is a little list of products you will need to achieve your objective of a zen garden. Together with guidelines on how to start the production and upkeep of your garden.

* Granite sand in the proper quantities for your zen-garden area.
* Stones or stones depending upon the size of your zen garden.
* A little plate-like planter for office-sized gardens
* A little rake for mini zen gardens
* A Shovel for out-door zen gardens.
* A couple of good friends to help you get it done!
* A way to include your sand for an out-door zen garden. Whether it be stones, bricks, or plastic. It will save you the headache of brushing sand off of your back or front lawn.
* A weed-barrier or plastic floor covering for your sand

For an indoor garden you will need to follow these actions:

1. Tidy and dry your planter completely.

2. Cut a little hole in your granite sandbag to manage the circulation.

3. Put a thin layer of granite sand throughout the base of your zen garden container. (Ensure the
whole base is covered, but you have sufficient space left on the lip to prevent spills.

4. Place your little stones throughout the zen garden in any manner that you please.

5. Use your zen-garden rake to pull wave-like patterns through the granite sand.

6. Enjoy!

For an outside garden you will need to follow these actions:

1. Produce an overview of your zen-garden by utilizing your bricks, stones or plastic. These will help you to keep the sand included. You might also think about using lumber or perhaps railway ties (depending upon what is readily available in your location).

2. Put down your plastic weed barrier. Of which can be found at nearly any hardware shop. This will help to keep the weeds out of your new zen garden. You might also replace the plastic weed barrier with a thick layer of paper or fabric also.

3. Fill your kind with the sand, spreading it as equally as possible.

4. Include your stones and other components of decor. Such as garden statues or pebbles to include some texture, color, or shape to your zen garden.

5. Place lighting around your zen garden. Solar energy lighting is especially practical to enjoy your zen garden in the evening.

6. Rake your zen garden’s sand in long curving lines like you would a mini variation. This will help to represent water.

Keep in mind to keep your zen garden easy!

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