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8-Piece Gardening Tool Set-Includes EZ-Cut Pruners, Lightweight Aluminum Hand Tools with Soft Rubber Handles- Trowel…

Amazon.com Price: $39.99 (as of 29/03/2022 16:41 PST- Details)

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GARDEN LIKE A PRO-RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX: Gardening is more fun with the right tools. We filled this ready-when-you-are set caddy with our most innovative and highly durable rust-fighting aluminum tools. Each piece is designed to keep up with your most avid gardening landscaping schedule while being light enough for all-day work.
EZ-CUT PRUNER TECHNOLOGY: Want every snip and cut to be easier? With patented spring movements and treated steel blades, the high-quality pruner included in this set allows you to cut rose stems and trim branches more effortlessly than ever before.


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GARDEN LIKE A PRO-RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX: Gardening is more a laugh with the fitting gear. We crammed this in a position-when-you-are set caddy with our such a lot cutting edge and highly sturdy rust-fighting aluminum gear. Every piece is designed to stay alongside of your such a lot avid gardening landscaping schedule whilst being gentle sufficient for all-day work.
EZ-CUT PRUNER TECHNOLOGY: Need each and every snip and cut to be more uncomplicated? With patented spring actions and treated steel blades, the fine quality pruner included on this set lets you cut rose stems and trim branches more easily than ever before.
A MUST-HAVE COMPANION| HIGH-DENSITY FOAM KNEELING PAD: For a few, gardener is synonymous with knee pain. That is as a result of positive actions and positions create pain issues on your hips and knees. We included this multi-goal garden kneeler, made with light-weight and top-density foam, so that you do not need to wince whilst you garden.
✅PREVENT HAND CRAMPS | THE MOST COMFORTABLE GRIPS: Save you hand fatigue when pruning roses, trimming bushes, breaking up soil and weeding garden beds. Every software will feel balanced on your hand and springs complete with a comfortable-rubber, no-slip grip.
✅PROTECT YOUR HANDS: We adore to work with our hands-however we don’t need our hands to suffer for it. That is why we use fabrics that last. Graceful Series sticks with our new lawn yard bamboo gloves to offer complex coverage from skin wounds, cuts and mud. Prevent the use of the ones massive, clumsy gloves when doing all your chores. With hi-tech comfort and magnificence, each and every chore becomes more uncomplicated: Indoor garage work to outside gardening and a lot more! These are gardening gloves ladies love, and pop too! Easiest man gift!

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