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Mini Potted Artificial Plants Real Looking Plastic Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant with Rustic Black Cement Planter for House…

Amazon.com Price: $17.99 (as of 29/03/2022 16:41 PST- Details)

Lifelike fake plastic plant that remains looking fresh year after year, without the maintenance of a real plant.
Item in total 11″ height and 10″ wide. Only pot size 3.75″ high and 4.50″ in diameter.
Suitable for both indoor or outdoor use.The leaves are made of plastic, and the planter is made of cement. Its quite elegant and durable accent and does not require any sort of heavy upkeep.


Featuring a dense group of refreshing foliage arranged smartly to supply you a recent, creative hedge, our pretend fern plant topiary will bring a fresher, better glance and privacy to the atmosphere.

This plastic fiddle leaf fig tree plant topiary may also be displayed to your interior or exterior house and can bring a pleasant screening impact to the atmosphere.

A rejuvenating and wonderful decorative accessory which is very useful and putting,

this synthetic fiddle leaf fig tree plant topiary will create a distinct landscape to your commercial space.

One of the preferred landscaping possible choices if you wish to usher in a few privacy or wish to create geometry to your house,

Artificial topiaries will lend a heartwarming charm and splendor in it.

No matter where you place them, from reception space to lobbies to waiting rooms,our pretend plant is a highly fashionable decorative as a way to interact the senses of each and every onlooker.

Lifelike pretend plastic plant that is still taking a look recent year after year, with out the upkeep of an actual plant.
Item in total 11″ height and 10″ wide. Handiest pot size 3.75″ top and 4.50″ in diameter.
Appropriate for both indoor or out of doors use.The leaves are made from plastic, and the planter is made from cement. Its slightly sublime and sturdy accent and does no longer require any kind of heavy maintenance.
In the event you’re taking a look to bring a few greenery within the interior decor of your place of work, retail, hospitality or some other commercial atmosphere, then we highly suggest this synthetic topiary.
A plant can in reality make a room glance more like home and that’s what this plant will do for you! If you’ll be able to’t stay a reside plant alive,buy this real taking a look pretend snake plant,you don’t need to water it or give it daylight. It asks nothing from you.

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